Hi, I'm the guy in the picture, and to tell you the truth I feel a little uneasy about all of this. I'm a writer, and here's what I have to say about that: the only time I really feel like a writer is when I'm in that imaginative space where stories, movies and music hide-not when I'm talking about writing or thinking about it or having my picture taken for it or, in this case, asking you to look at what I've created. But writers at all times have wanted an audience to complete what they've created by participating in that creation; strangers who willingly open an unfamiliar door and walk inside, into the lives of others in order to feel and to share someone else's experience of humanity in the fictional world of a short story, film or melody.

Sometimes the thing we most want-exposure-is the thing we most fear, and I think many writers are that way about their privacy and their art. But then I was born in the previous century. I know things are different now.

My desire to be invisible and yet to be seen may be a product of my early ambition to be a drummer. When I was fifteen, I played drums in a soul band. It was the perfect fit for me, the backbone of the band yet beyond the glare of the spotlight. Screenwriting is like that for me now. I have no desire to act or to direct or to be recognized by moviegoers, but I would truly love to see my name on the screen for that one second before the titles run out. (And I'd of course like the money that great scripts can bring.) Songwriting, too, is a way to have it both ways-to be creative and engaged while maintaining personal space. But, again, a song is only half a song until it is heard.

So I invite you to browse these pages of story collections, screenplays, and songs in the hope that you'll pause and sample what interests you. That maybe you'll want to see and hear more, and that when you're finished you'll be glad you stopped by.